Hi there, it's Dominic here and welcome to my website.

I'm an English London-based actor, writer, producer and director who loves this industry lark almost as much as I love coffee. Or tea for that matter. I actually make a pretty decent cuppa. Hopefully I can prove this to you one day.

As an actor, I'm represented by Dan Clifton at Union Management. I've worked in many countries and trained in both London and Los Angeles. My branding has been described as "characterful", "intense", "vulnerable", "unpredictable", "dorky", "tech-guy" and "honest". So, what type of role would you like? I'm sure I can make it work. In September 2020, I will be flying to Russia to protray Davis Court in the upcoming feature film Bansu.

I direct, write and produce a lot of my own work. More of that can be read in the Director section.

Thank you for stopping by, I feel I've rambled on enough now, so I'll let you take a look around. There are tea and biscuits if you want any. Just wash up when you leave.