I have been directing since 2011 when I directed my first short film, Stockholm, a thriller about Stockholm Syndrome, which premiered at the Madrid Film Festival and was even nominaed for an award.

After that I made The Christmas Party and Leap of Faith, two contrasting shorts: one about a crap office Christmas party and the other being a coming-of-age drama about a young man who loses everything and decides to go travelling. Both went to film festivals and Leap of Faith obtained distribtuion on TV in Europe and VoD platforms in Asia.

My directorial feature debut came in 2019 when I directed Waste, about London man being released from prison and wanting to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter only to fall back into the same problems.

My next two shorts are Same but Different, an Italian language-based movie where I aim to discover who performances differ when the source language is changed, in this instance we use Italian and English. I then aim to make a religious-based film about euthanasia.

Stockholm, The Christmas Party and Leap of Faith can all be viewed by clicking on their respective posters. Waste is currently in the featival circuitand Same but Different is in pre-production.

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