Stockholm is a short thriller about Stockholm Syndrome, when a damaged and insecure young man kidnaps a woman on a revenge mission, he doesn't anticipate that she will not have the answers he is looking for. Over the course of the 5 days together, they discover they are closely connected than they ever thought possible.


The Christmas Party is a Christmas comedy set at an office Christmas party. We have a small snippet into the lives of the disgruntled employees who have attended their works annual festive night out. One night stands are embarasinngly reattempted, the redunancied employees are invited for one last hurrah, the hot girl is causing everyone a flush and one bloke's dodgy curry is repeating itself…as it did the year before, and the year before that!


Leap of Faith is a coming of age drama about a young man who has lost his job and girlfriend so decides to reluctantly go travelling to discover who he is. Once on his journey, he meets a woman who lets him know that in life, you will never be 100% ready to make your choice, you have to go to it. An inspirational drama about living life to the fullest.


After The Party is a spin off from The Christmas Party and follows two of the office workers as they return home from their awful night out. We explore the time after you return from a party where you were humiliated in front of all your friends and you are now sober and depressed.


Leap of Faith feature film has been written and is awaiting funding. It is a much larger story but follows the same character from the short film as he is coming to terms with being unemployed and newly single in London when his ex girlfriend is now living and working in the Philippines. All he wants to do is have the courage to travel to find her, but will he do it? An inspirational tale with a twist and not what you would expect.


LA's Lost Soul is a travel memoir about his journey to Los Angeles to train as an actor. The book details the struggles he faced in getting there, the adventures he had and challenges he encountered whilst residing in the city of Angels. It is an inspirational story about what can happen if you take a chance. The book is available on Amazon by clicking on the photo.


The Wonderful World of William is a children's book for children aged 7-9, it details one year in the life of William, our 6 year old hero. We cover the choices that he makes and how to be a responsible child whilst teaching him about the right thing to do. This is now at the stage of approaching publishers.

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