Director Testimonials

Dominic is a delight to work with - an excellent actor who offers all he can to colleagues in performance, a sensitive and funny writer, and a director who achieves the rare balance of really getting the best out of actors as well as strong ideas visually, and perfect communication with a very well chosen crew to create a very strong piece. He's a talented team player and I would never hesitate to work with him again in any capacity. :) - Cliff Chapman - Actor in The Christmas Party

Mr. Ryan has excellent leadership skills and visions as a director. He proved his professionalism with his calm, patient and reliable personality. Even while he was preparing for his emotionally most demanding scenes, he always took the time to make sure both his artists and his crew had full knowledge and understanding of the scene - Eva Diana Vas - Makeup artist in Stockholm

I've had the privilege to work with Dominic on several films that I've produced and I can definitely say that he is one of the most hardworking, talented and passionate Filmmaker's that I have ever worked with.

He never fails to achieve what goal he sets out to reach for each production that he works on. I've learnt so much from him over recent years and its extremely refreshing to work with someone who is genuinely passionate about working in the film industry, and someone who is willing to give a helping hand to those who are looking to gain experience in this field.

Dominic is both a great Actor and Director and I am positive that he will go far in this industry.

Rachel Tatham - Producer Leap of Faith & The Road to Silimanjaro

Dominic is a thorough filmmaker who clearly knows what he wants in every project he directs, being, however, always open to ideas by the great people with whom he surrounds himself. His shoots are well organised without exception, and he remains approachable and pleasant on set no matter how trying the situation. I, personally, would not hesitate to work with again if I had the chance.

Miguel Rodriguez - Sound recordist in The Christmas Party, Leap of Faith and The Road to Silimanjaro.

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