Actor testimonials

Dominic is a fantastic actor: he is as creative as he is focussed and he is always a great pleasure to work with - Matthias Hoene - Director of GiffGaff commercial

As an audition coach and teacher, Dominic Ryan is one of my all time favorite students. In the 6 months that he was in my class, he showed a great deal of dedication, intelligence and passion in his acting. He was always fully committed to the scene he was working on, be it 3 lines or 8 pages, and always made smart, well thought out choices. I am fan of him as a performer and a professional and know that he will go very far in this business - Andy Henry - Casting Director at TVI, Los Angeles

The role of Wayne in The Chrsitmas Party, is completely different from the aggrieved kidnapper Seth in Stockholm, demonstrating another side to Ryan’s acting repertoir - Lee Relph reviewer and film maker

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