A young man on a revenge mission kidnaps the daughter of his employer demanding answers; however he doesn't anticipate the events that unfold. Through a series of days spent together the young man and woman slowly find out they are more connected than they ever thought was possible. Harsh realities and truths are revealed signaling that they may have to work together for an outcome.



Stockholm made its festival debut in 2013 and can now be viewed by clicking on the poster.



After recovering from Cancer BBC broadcaster, actor & comedian Eddie Nestor decided to work his way through his bucket list and enlisted the help of his best mate, wife, manager & his fitness instructor with whom he is going to undertake the climb of a lifetime - Kilimanjaro in July 2015. Interviews such as Vanessa Feltz and Jimmy Akinbola set the tone and we see the pressure of climbing one of the toughest mountains in the World.

Please click on the poster to see the teaser trailer.



The documentary has its first edit cut and we are now working hard to fine tune it before pitching to networks.



A brief insight into the office Christmas party of a company which has made a poor effort at making it festive. Redundancies, lost virginities and chronic diarrhea make for an uncomfortable evening. We enter and exit many different lives during the festive season in this comedy short.



The Christas Party made its festival starts in 2015 to much applause and can be viewed by clicking on the poster.



After losing his job and his girlfriend leaving him, Mark decides to take it upon himself to go traveling and discover himself. He doesn't plan on meeting Marie, a young woman who, a few years ago were like him. Through friendship she helps Mark realize what life is really about. This touching tale is about taking chances and how wonderful life can be if you let go and take a leap of faith into the unknown.



In 2016 it was distributed for World-wide television screenings in USA, Canada, Europe & Japan.

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